real estate

202 Freedom Ct.

Office: 1,500 sqft
Warehouse: 20,100 sqft

225 Industrial Ct.

Office: 8,400 sqft

Warehouse: 24,000 sqft

As of today, Spelna, Inc. is an owner-operator and manages only the buildings it owns directly or indirectly through controlled subsidiaries.  Spelna, Inc. and its affiliates currently own 13 acres of undeveloped land and 5 industrial office and warehouse buildings in the 4 Mile Fork Industrial Park, located in Fredericksburg, VA.

Current Projects

lots 167 H & 167 J

20,400 sqft. office / warehouse building.

​Business Consulting and Real Estate 

207 Freedom Ct.

Office: 8,400 sqft
Warehouse: 24,000 sqft

Spelna, Inc. has an approved site plan for the construction of a 20,400 sqft. office / warehouse building for at the corner of Industrial Dr. and Industrial Ct. on lots 167 H & 167 J.  

This property is available as a build to suit with a minimum lease term of 5 years. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to review the site plan!